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3G Alternator

3G 130amp Donor Vehicles:

(1994-95) Ford Mustang 5.0L
(1994-00) Ford Mustang 3.8L
(1994-97) Ford Thunderbird, Mercury Cougar 3.8L
(1990-95) Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable 3.8L
(1993-99) Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable 3.0L
(1995-98) Ford Windstar 3.8L & 3.0L
(1991-94) Lincoln Continental 3.8L
(1992-97) Ford F Series Pickup
(1992-96) Ford E Series Van

Be carefull there was a 95amp 3G, it's ok, but not high-power.
Most of the 130amp 3G's will crank out 140-160amps.
There are about 6 different mounting styles. 2 are good.