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Seat Source List


  • Beard Street AT's
  • Corbeau Baja SS
  • Jeg's plastic molded seats
  • Master Craft racing seats
  • Procar Rally seats


  • Dodge Raider
  • Ford Probe(Early 90's)
  • Ford Ranger (Early 90's) 60/40
  • Ford Ranger(1994 extended cab)
  • Honda Accord(Early 90's)
  • Nissan Sentra(1987)
  • Subaru Legacy(Late 90's)
  • Toyota Tercel(Late 90's)

Descriptions and Info

Donor / Brand Front / Rear Bronco Mod Rqd? Comments
Ford Ranger(1994 extended cab) Front Unknown Havn't Installed Yet
Dodge Raider Rear Drilled four new holes Fold and Tumble
Jeg's plastic molded seats Front Bolted to Full Roll Cage  
Procar Rally seats Front just bending the mounting, and drilling one hole on the passenger side, and three holes on the driver side 1 inch lower than stock
Ford Probe(Early 90's) Front bent the bracket flat and drilled new holes  
Beard Street AT's Front Used their bracket on the early bronco slider/rail kit sold by Beard
Beard Street AT's Rear Used their bracket on the early bronco slider/rail kit sold by Beard
Ford Ranger (Early 90's) 60/40 Front    
Subaru Legacy(Late 90's) Front    
Toyota Tercel(Late 90's) Front   Like 'em
Honda Accord(Early 90's) Front    
Nissan Sentra(1987) Front    
Master Craft racing seats Front cut out a couple square inches of the mounting plate Used stock brackets
Corbeau Baja SS Front mounted them to brackets bolted to angle iron welded to my cage

 Original Edition: 
John Vandervort